Hello humans

Introducing the alter ego of @uncertainquark.

Hi, I’m Jatan and welcome to my alternate identity, a place for all my non-science interests. I write about writing on the Internet, consumer tech and more. I also write poems sometimes.

Geeky and techie

I have my idiosyncrasies, which are most prominent in usage of everyday technology. I spend a lot of time tweaking things to make them just right, and can talk to you about usability issues in a certain tech product for uncomfortably long.

Seeing use of good quality fonts makes me happy, which most websites lack unfortunately. I prefer text over videos and podcasts for consuming information. Speaking of text, I love e-ink displays, the kind found in a Kindle; aren’t they just delightful?

An open world

I contribute to open source movements whenever possible, because the world needs to be a transparent and collaborative place. I’ve made bit-sized contributions to open source software including elementary OSGNOME and indie projects. I also love editing Wikipedia. I care about digital privacy and think everyone deserves individuality, not Google.

What about the “human stuff”?

Well, I write poems sometimes. I also enjoy making cards for people to write those poems in and gifting someone a nice book. Though I’ve never received a card myself or been written a poem for.

Hope you found something interesting and thought provoking on this personal space of mine. If not, head over to jatan.space! ;)

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